Monday, March 14, 2011

Yin and Yang

This month is turning out to be a kick in the pants. Nate had his usual Monday exam to study for, only to be followed by Practicals. Practicals. Again. From my perspective that means there are only two more to go before the first year of med school is over (1/4 finished! AWESOME.). I can't tell if he shares my positive sentiment or not, hmmm. I don't think I can describe how much he's been studying.   

  • Nate's school put on a "brain fair" Saturday. Got to handle some real deal brains and spinal cords. Highly recommended. Really.   
  • Trained a new photographer for bella last week and she proved to be my most challenging yet. Praying it stays that way. 
  • Shot an elopement style wedding complete with a BART ride to the courthouse. 
  • Friday night Corene and I ended up having a "girls night out" since the boys were tied up with work/school. Bangkok Palace: always delicious. Sorry, boys.  
  • Started my pre candida diet cleanse this week, hence all of the veggies. And, aren't they beautiful!       

Desperate times.

Helmets are cool!

Learning about the brain is cool

Studying is not so cool.

Kale reminds me of frogs and is cool too.

Deliciousness made from miniature avocados

 Another Green Smoothie
1 small avacado
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
liquid stevia to taste
small handful of collard greens
ice cubes

An especially wonderful smoothie. I know, you don't believe me, but it's true. Don't miss out. Enjoy! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anonymous Was

I've been attempting to make a post since January when I created this blog, but I couldn't ever decide how to begin. So, here it is. The first post. I decided that we needed a better way to share what we're up to with our family aside from FB. Something a little more private, although who are we kidding, this is a public blog. Also, hopefully this will force me to take more candid shots of our day to day life and do a better job of journalling for our own sake. That said, I reserve the right to take and show poorly composed, badly exposed and even out of focus photos. Also, since this isn't a "photography" blog and it's more for our memories sake, I also reserve the right to be extremely long winded and generally uninteresting especially in my writing style. Here goes.

The last week of December:

Christmas in San Diego. The beach house.

HAHA. Who am I? 

Wet suits should have capes.

We never figured it out.

Christmas day with the fam at Sea World. 

Soak zone.


Look at us, we're the only caucasians!

Petting something cool.

Maybe lost. 

Snuck away to  Sesame St. 

This was definitely a highlight.

Crazy Seaworld.

Gifts of self defense for our return to Oakland. 

Already, I have almost completely forgotten everything that happened in January.

  • Our crazy road trip around the West over the holidays came to an end. Nate and I enjoyed a few wonderfully lazy days hanging out alone before school started again.
  • We started out New Year's Eve with Derek and Angel eating a yummy Italian dinner then rang in the New Year with podiatry friends, enjoying an amazing view of Oakland and the fireworks in San Francisco. 
  • I took photos of an eleven fingered baby, then I watched the doc cut it off. That's all I have to say about that.
  • Pixar Studio. I can't describe how cool this place is, nor how cool it is that we got invited in for a tour and a night at the movies. Our friend Jake who is also cool (notice the trend) works there and was nice enough to invite us. Really, this was a highlight of the month. My inner kid got rocked. I don't think it's possible to leave there without envying Jake's job. No photos since I would have been busted having my camera in there. 
  • I met up with Forest Woordward, someone I became friends with back in photog school. We took pics of each other in the Mission District. It was great seeing a photo friend again. Here are the shots he took of me. 
That's all I can remember about January.

Angel and Derek. New Year's Eve.

Pod friend David and girlfriend.

Pod friends Richard and Justin.

Pod friend Jack and wife Katelyn.

Fireworks! View of Oakland and San Fran from  the balcony.

Same memory loss issue here. Things got busy.

  • Nate became the Ward Clerk.
  • School for Nate got harrier than last semester.
  • Work for me at Bella Baby Photography as well as my own photography got a lot busier. I got in on some really fun shoots. Probably my favorite for the month was a session I did with a woman pursuing acting from San Fran.  At the end of the shoot she even told me to give her a call if we were ever in the City and wanted to hang. That was a first.
  • Stanko, podiatry friend, got another year older. We celebrated his birthday with a few friends at an Indian restaurant. Stanko, or Stan, is Bulgarian, and I think he is a complete riot! He looks a lot like the young Frank Sinatra, and I hope he doesn't mind my saying so. This was my first time meeting him and I immediately decided he was fantastic. 
  • Erin and Christian were here visiting the City so we got to enjoy a night with them. It was so good seeing family again! Nate and I probably scared them to death driving around San Fran since we were definitely scaring ourselves. We bought a $6 PIECE of chocolate, by accident, but it wouldn't have been a night in the City if we hadn't, since Nate claims that "you get hosed every time you go". 
  • Jake started designing my photography website! This guy is one of the coolest nerds I know, and he's been awesome to work with. I am really excited to finally have a professional site. I think we may launch it by the end of March. 
Sundays. The Clerk.

The usual.


Sometimes we don't look at each other before we go out the door.   Sometimes we regret it. 

A lot of other stuff happened in February but this is getting out of control long. Happy March.