Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Blog That Wouldn't Die

No time for cuteness. I've got the past six (six!) months worth of our life's story untold, and I'm holding myself to the goal of printing a book each year from our blogging. Get going, woman.

Life after the White Coat Ceremony...

Nate and I had a weekend to ourselves. No work. No school. It was well spent flirting (perhaps more appropriately called "nerding" since our idea of a good romancing is mercilessly getting the other to laugh) across the table over one of our favorite meals, hiding from a rainstorm, mountain biking in Santa Cruz, eating lots of ice cream, and camping out in the living room. 

Turns out mtn biking in Santa Cruz is a lot like hacking the bushes and tromping through the mud in Vietnam. It was all sorts of new fun and crazy. I've seen enough movies to know what I'm talking about. Trust me, okay? Just trust me. 

Wrapping up April. Nate was busy with practicals and finals. Angel was busy growing a baby so us girls made a night of it and threw a shower. Girls nights are always good, but this one stands out to me as a particular gem. Dearest Janelle brought a wii and convinced us that busting out our dance moves was a good idea. That is debatable as Angel secretly recorded us. A bit worrisome, but nonetheless it was all very amusing, as you may be able to tell.