Monday, April 25, 2011

Tourists in Our City {Part One}

The best thing about March: family visitors & the white coat ceremony. I remember when we first moved to Oakland and the first time I heard about the ceremony. I wasn't sure if time passed the same in the ghetto or not, but as far as I was concerned it was a lifetime away. Well, we made it. And when I say "we" I mean I was there to witness the every-other-month-self-induced-torture-fest when Nate just couldn't help himself and he'd spend the evening reading Mountain Project, revisiting Jeremy Koons' blog, watching ski videos and reminiscing about all of the awesome stuff we "used" to do (his way of telling me how lame we've become). Those were the nights, let me tell you. My combat generally entailed giant symphony bars and tough love. Anyways, I'm so proud of all of the hard work he's done. I'm a lucky girl. "We" made it (1/7 that is) and Nate still has all of his hair. 

Nate & the Hansen Fam. They flew in from Utah for a wonderful 6 day visit.

With Stan

Looking forward to seeing more of my fine husband in his new coat.

Celebrating with some Icii's. Dear, wonderful Icii's.

Since we had the fam in town for a week we made a Hansen style agenda of all things amazing to do in the Bay. Unless you've ever experienced a Hansen family Christmas you just can't grasp what I mean when I say "Hansen agenda". At the end of my first Hansen Christmas I remember asking Nate "Did you grow up doing this every year? I feel like I just participated in a 48 hr relay". These people know how to get down and maximize time. So that's what we did, and it's a good thing too because before I could finish cooking breakfast on the first morning Danica was about to crawl the walls.


  • Had a gorgeous drive on the coast.
  • Bouldered at Stinson Beach.
  • Explored some army forts near the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Girls went to SF for some shopping. Oh, yes we did. 

Can't wait to go back at low tide for a bouldering session.

I don't remember the last time someone said "Let's do a silly face". It shows.

Waiting for Bart. Best people watching to be had.


At the ruins of what used to be large community pools/baths on the beach in SF.

He came up with this pose all on his own. Saucy casual, I say.

This is all Nate here. It was quite the series.

That's the beginning of our spring break. I'm just warming up. 


  1. Kim your hair is getting so looong!! I love it! SF looks so fun, I really want to come visit you guys. It seems like you had a great time with Nate's fam and congrats to him for being 1/7 of the way done! (at least I think that's what you meant) Miss you!

  2. nice shots nate, maybe you should put down the scapel and pick up a camera, alot less schooling...

  3. funny... my favorite pictures are the ones Nate took there at the end. Kiiind of amazing. lol

    p.s. I remember a hate status on facebook about skinny jeans! Either way, you pulled them off nicely.